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Candidates for graduation “with Honors” or “with Highest Honors” must secure approval from the Director of the departmental Senior Honors Program Dr. J.D. DeFreese (  A student must have a cGPA of 3.3 or above prior to acceptance into the departmental Senior Honors Program and the student must maintain an overall average of 3.3 or above in order to remain in the program.  Graduation “with Honors” or “with Highest Honors” requires completion of EXSS 693H, EXSS 694H, and completion of a quality senior thesis.  In addition to these requirements, graduation “with Highest Honors” requires that the senior honors thesis, as evaluated by the student’s departmental honors committee, be of superior quality.

EXSS 693H.  Senior Honors (3).  Corequisite EXSS 273. Directed independent research under the supervision of a faculty adviser who teaches in the Exercise and Sport Science curriculum.  Faculty.

EXSS 694H.  Senior Honors (3).  Prerequisite, EXSS 693H.  Preparation of an honors thesis and an oral examination on the thesis.  Faculty.


What kinds of projects are completed in Exercise and Sport Science?

Students in EXSS complete a wide variety of projects that cover a wide variety of topics.  The link below gives a listing of each paper title and the option to read the abstract of that thesis.


Who is on your committee?

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science Senior Honors Program committee will consist of the student’s faculty thesis adviser, who will chair the committee, and one other member of the EXSS faculty.  The faculty adviser must be a full-time member of the departmental tenure-track faculty or hold a doctoral degree.


How do you get registered for the class?

Please set up a meeting with Dr. DeFreese or your potential faculty advisor to discuss your interest.  After that meeting you must submit the committee form to Dr. DeFreese with your topic idea, your advisor, and other committee member’s signatures by the first day of classes to be registered, no exceptions.

Additionally, the Senior Honors Thesis learning contract (PDF versionWord version) must submitted to the Online Course Management System (OLCM) at the following link where it will be reviewed by your Faculty Research Mentor and Dr. J.D. DeFreese – the Director of Undergraduate Research for EXSS. This must completed by the end of the first week of classes, no exceptions.


How do I find interested students?

Advertise your position on the office of undergraduate research’s database. (link

Contact J.D. Defreese ( with any available opportunities for undergraduate’s.