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EXSS Sport Administration Major Requirements


Required Courses (EXSS):

EXSS 221     Introduction to Sport and Recreation Administration

EXSS 224     Sport Sales and Revenue Production

EXSS 288     Emergency Care of Athletic Injuries and Illnesses

EXSS 322     Fundamentals of Sport Marketing

EXSS 323     Sport Facility and Event Management

EXSS 324     Finance and Economics of Sport

EXSS 326     Legal Aspects of Sport

EXSS 493     Field Experience in Sport Administration


Required Courses (non-EXSS):

ECON 101   Introduction to Economics

MATH 110  Algebra

STOR 151    Basic Concepts of Statistics and Data Analysis OR

STOR 155    Introduction to Statistics


Other Requirements:

Students must successfully complete 2 EXSS elective courses (6 hours). At least 1 course must be 200-level or above.


Important points:

*A 2.0 GPA in EXSS major courses.

*No EXSS course may be taken Pass/D/Fail by an EXSS major.

A maximum of 45 hours in EXSS courses may be applied toward the B.A. Degree.


*EXSS 221 is a required prerequisite for EXSS 322, EXSS 323, and EXSS 493.

*EXSS 221 is a recommended prerequisite for EXSS 324 and EXSS 326.

*ECON 101 is a required prerequisite for EXSS 324.