A World of Discovery

The Applied Physiology Laboratory, housed within the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, is a 6500 square foot facility which is divided into three areas: metabolic, chemistry, and body composition. The metabolic area has state-of-the-art equipment for measuring metabolic rate, including two computerized metabolic systems dedicated to ergometer settings and several portable metabolic systems to gather data in the field. There are multiple treadmills and cycle ergometers to complete the exercise tests. An integrated treadmill and electrocardiogram system (Quinton Q45) exists for the performance of clinical exercise testing. Other ECG’s also exist within the Lab. A computerized spirometry system allows for easy measurement of pulmonary functions. The body composition area has a calibrated scales, statiometer, skinfold calipers, and a computerized underwater weighing system. A free-standing nitrogen analyzer is used to determine residual volume for use in underwater weighing. The chemistry area has centrifuges, ultra-freezers, fluorometer, osmometers, spectrophotometers and an HPLC. A complete Johnson & Johnson Ektachem DT-60 system to speed analyses of blood chemistries. In addition, the Lab contains a complete R.I.A. lab for measuring hormones. Lab personnel have been approved to draw blood.

With regard to computers, the lab has five IBM compatible computers for data analysis and manuscript preparation. Three other computers are dedicated to specific equipment. Most data analysis can also be completed in-house using PC-SAS, SPSS, or STATA. Nutritional analysis software as well as other physiologic software packages are available for student use. On-line literature searches are available by direct network to the Health Sciences Library. In addition, all students are given email accounts and internet access. Main frame computer analysis is also available in the lab.