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UNC has a commitment to education and increasing access to students learning about the profession of athletic training. Although we do not have an undergraduate or entry level masters (ELM) athletic training program, students still have the opportunity to observe in Stallings Evans Sports Medicine Center, where they gain exposure to injury evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation. Students will be able to observe the work of UNC athletic trainers as they provide care to UNC student athletes and sports club athletes.

The following opportunities exist for athletic training experiences:

  • Observer program – Open to all undergraduate students, mandatory orientation.
  • EXSS 393  – Course which serves for EE credit as well as sports medicine minor. Open to students who have completed 10 verified observation hours in our observation program, and pre-requisite classes.
  • Sports Medicine MinorStudents will have the opportunity to take required classes and EXSS393 to receive a minor in sports medicine.
  • Immersion experience – Open to students from entry level athletic training masters programs. Students should contact immersion coordinator Brandi Schwane with resume and cover letter. After acceptance, contracts need to be confirmed with clinical coordinator.