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General Major – Description

Increased interest in allied health professions, sports, physical fitness, exercise, and wellness has produced diverse career options beyond the more traditional role of physical educator in schools and colleges. Completing the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts with a major in EXSS provides the student with the background necessary to pursue a variety of careers.

Course requirements for the major in Exercise and Sport Science General Track are fulfilled by successful completion of the nine three-hour courses listed below:

Students entering UNC as first year students after to Fall 2016 will follow this curriculum.

2016-Present Curriculum:


• EXSS 155 Human Anatomy and Physiology I *
• EXSS 180 Physical Activity in Contemporary Society
• EXSS 181 Sport and Exercise Psychology
• EXSS 273 Research in Exercise and Sport Science
• EXSS 256 Human Anatomy and Physiology II*
• EXSS 288 Emergency Care of Athletic Injuries & Illnesses
• EXSS 376 Physiological Basis of Human Performance
• EXSS 380 Neuromuscular Control and Learning
• EXSS 385 Biomechanics of Sport

* Note: Prior to Fall 2023, these classes were listed as EXSS 175 Human Anatomy and EXSS 276 Human Physiology



  • A 2.0 GPA in EXSS major courses.
  • NO EXSS course may be taken Pass/Fail by an EXSS major.
  • A maximum of 45 hours in EXSS courses may be applied toward the B.A. degree.
  • EXSS requires BIO 101/101L as a Physical and Life Science course with a lab.
  • Math 110 (prerequisite for EXSS 273, 376, 385)