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Although we do not have an undergraduate athletic training program, students still have the opportunity to observe in Stallings Evans Sports Medicine Center, where they gain exposure to injury evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation. Students will be able to observe the work of UNC athletic trainers as they provide care to UNC student athletes and sports club athletes.

Those interested in observer hours can fill out this form  so that they are added to our observer listserv and get a link to the GroupMe.

There is a mandatory orientation meeting, the second week of school, which is required as well as the completion of some mandatory documents for HR clearance. There will be several opportunities over the course of the semester for orientation which is mandatory before observation can begin. All details will be posted on the listserv and group me.

Participants are encouraged to record their hours. They need to be signed daily for use for clinical hours for entry-level master’s degrees in athletic training and for entry and participation in EXSS393. These hours do not fit the requirements for PT, PA or other healthcare professions.

There are no observer hours available over the summer.


EXSS 393: Athletic Training Clinical

If you are interested in joining EXSS 393 you must have at least 10 recorded observer hours as well as have taken- EXSS 155 (or old 175), 265 or 288. Please fill out the following form if you are interested in applying for the class.

The professor must add you to the class so all required classes and observation hours must be submitted to Nina Walker before the end of the prior semester.

Participation in the class includes completion of 50 hours/per credit of observation of UNC athletic trainers, weekly reflection assignments, attendance of in-services, and an in-person final presentation. This class does not have a meeting time, and clinical hours begin after mandatory orientation and HR clearance.

Special Considerations: Due to the fact that the observation opportunities will be in a medical facility, all observers must adhere to University and CDC guidelines for prevention of COVID.  Participants will be expected to sign and adhere to all patient privacy guidelines as well as appropriate dress code.




  • What do I need to do to participate in the class?
    • You must have a minimum of 10 documented hours, in the observation program. There is a mandatory orientation each year for the observer program to get cleared by UNC HR to be in the clinic.
      • All documented hours must be supervised and signed off by licensed Athletic Trainer, and submitted the last 2 weeks of the semester preceding the class you would like to attend.
    • You must also have taken and passed EXSS 155 (or old 175) and 288 or 265
  • Can I register for the class online?
    • No the professor needs to add you to the class. This occurs after the last day of classes, when all prerequisite observation hours are submitted (due the last day of class) and required classes are passed. Students will be given a google form to fill out with registration information.
    • You will be informed at the end of finals week if you have been accepted in the class
  • Who can apply for the class?
    • Due to large volume of applicants, you must be registered for the sports medicine minor. Class will be reserved for Junior and Senior applicants
  • Can Athletes participate in the class?
    • Athletes can participate but their observation hours need to be with other teams, and in the capacity of an observer students. Not allowed to observe your team practices or teammates.
  • How do you get information about the class and opportunities?
    • Best way is to get information about the Observer Program is to fill out this form which will add you to the listserv and get you information on how to be added to the GroupMe for real time information.
  • Can I do my hours off campus?
    • Yes, you can do 50% of your hours off campus under the supervision of a licensed athletic trainer. The supervising AT will need to contact Nina Walker via email ( and provide their BOC and Licensure card information.
    • These hours must occur during the semester of the class. Over fall and spring break are fine but not before or after the semester.