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The classroom and teaching facilities located in Fetzer Hall, Woollen Gymnasium, and the Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center are large and newly renovated to be state-of-the art technological instructional facilities. The Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center serves a dual role as both a clinical facility and a laboratory teaching facility.


Cadaver Anatomy Laboratory

The Cadaver Anatomy Laboratory located in Fetzer Hall provides for an excellent learning environment for both graduate and undergraduate students. The laboratory houses two cadavers throughout the academic year. The graduate class (EXSS 732) begins dissection of the cadavers in August and completes dissection in December. An undergraduate advanced anatomy lab (EXSS 275L) runs concurrently (same semester) with the graduate class. The cadavers are again used during the Spring semester for the undergraduate anatomy class (EXSS 175). To our knowledge, our department is one of only a few Exercise and Sport Science Departments nationally that has a lab of this nature housed directly within the department.

Athletic Training Clinics

Students in the Athletic Training specialization may be assigned to work clinically in one of four athletic training facilities staffed by the Division of Sports Medicine. An athletic training clinic located in Kenan Stadium is well equipped to service the football program, while the Smith Center athletic training clinic is well equipped to service men’s basketball and the swimming program. The physical therapy clinic, renovated in 2006, in the Campus Health Service is used not only to treat student-athlete’s but also serves as a physical therapy treatment facility for students, faculty and the community. The new state of the art Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center opened in the Spring or 2010 and is used to treat the remaining 24 Olympic Sport teams. All facilities are extremely well-equipped with variety of treatment tables, therapeutic modalities and other equipment.

Facilities Videos

Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center
Kenan Athletic Training Room
Physical Therapy Clinic
Smith Center Athletic Training Room

Library Resources and Instructional Aids

We are fortunate to be at a Research I University that is interested in taking a leadership role in advancing learning through the overwhelming availability and accessibility of technology and information currently offered on the internet. It is also true that the existing library holdings for the Athletic Training specialization are excellent. Therefore, we have either direct or web access to essentially all professional texts and journals related to our field.

Research Laboratories and Centers

The laboratories devoted to Sports Medicine research and housed in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, are some the best equipped sports medicine laboratories in the country. The Sports Medicine faculty and graduate students also collaborate with the Department of Orthopedics, School of Public Health, Division of Allied Health Services, and the Injury Prevention Research Center as well as others on and off campus. You can learn more about the research laboratories and centers here:

–          Motion Science Institution ( )
–          Matthew Gfeller Center ( )
–          STAR Heel Performance Laboratory (
–          National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research ( )