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Why Did You Decide To Come To The University of North Carolina?

Anthony Cosby – “I chose to come to UNC because I knew that working and learning within the sports medicine family would help me become a stronger clinician researcher and educator.”

Tyler Hill – “I chose UNC because of its outstanding faculty, clinicians and researchers that will challenge me to achieve my goals as an athletic trainer. UNC’s reputation as a leading institution in sports medicine research as well as its family-like atmosphere made it an easy decision. I’m grateful and excited to be a part of the UNC family for the next two years!”

Maggie Lowenhar – “UNC is unrivaled in the classroom, clinic, and research. Everyone involved in the Sports Medicine department is a family that will stick together no matter what. It’s such a magical environment that I am blessed to be a part of.”

Katherine Minyard – “UNC is a program unmatched in academic excellence, yet also a community of caring individuals.  This second fact perhaps more than any other is the reason I chose this program. Sports medicine is about quality care from an evidence-based practice perspective and I firmly believe quality care starts with the empathy and understanding of the clinician. The community of caring individuals here is perhaps unmatched. Needless to say I am thrilled at the opportunity to participate in this tradition.”

Ben Pazuchanics – “Family. From the day I arrived in Chapel Hill, the team and overall family mentality of the sports medicine program here at UNC is unrivaled. Finding an atmosphere that exposes you to top notch clinicians, leading researchers, and a rigorous academic curriculum is rare, making UNC the perfect choice for me.”

Juliana Romero – “I wanted to further my education at an institution that not only valued my clinical capabilities, but also my academic capabilities.”

Haley Sledge – “I chose to come to UNC because of all of the opportunities that the university has to provide. I am able to further my education, continue to develop my clinical skills and learn from some of the top professionals in the field.”

Juliana Workman – “I chose UNC because of the well-known reputation of the graduate program, and the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best clinicians, researchers, and faculty in sports medicine. What sold me on the program is the people I met and seeing the family-like culture among the graduate students during my interview. The atmosphere in Chapel Hill and within UNC Sports Medicine is unlike anything else, and I am very excited to be a part of the Carolina family. Go Heels!”

Kou Yang – “I chose to come to UNC because of its’ leading research initiatives and the supportive clinical staff members.”

Second Year Student Research Topics

Anthony Cosby– The Relationship Between Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Concussion Care Seeking Behaviors

Tyler Hill– Impact Load Symmetry Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction After Return to Sport in Collegiate Athletes

Maggie Lowenhar– Femoral Cartilage Resilience in Individuals with ACLR and Healthy Controls

Katherine Minyard– Effects of Concussion History on Clinical and Technology-Based Eye Tracking Measures

Ben Pazuchanics- Static and Dynamic Postural Control Deficits in Individuals with a History of Concussion

Juliana Romero—Associations Among Mental Health Symptoms, Visits to the Athletic Training Clinic and Time Missed Due to Injury in Division 1 Athletes

Haley Sledge– The Relationship Between Head Impact Biomechanics and Physical Load in Division 1 College Football Player

Juliana Workman– Vibration Feedback During Gait Retraining in Individuals with Chronic Ankle Instability

Kou Yang– Mutual Influences of Digit Span Recall and Concussion History During Interception of a Moving Target




Why Did You Decide To Come To The University of North Carolina?

Hannah Deatherage-“ I chose to come to UNC to further my education at an institution that valued both my academic and clinical goals, while also providing opportunities to become a better clinician and researcher. The family aspect of a program is something that was very important to me, and what I found here was far better than I was expecting.”

Grace Heckard– “I chose North Carolina because of the staff. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences create a well-rounded experience that I believe will develop me into a stronger clinican. “

Rebecca Hersch– “It is rare to find an institution that offers incredible academic and research opportunities without compromising clinical experience. More than that, however, I chose UNC because the family atmosphere made it feel like home. ”

Kristen Hooten– “I chose UNC because I was confident that its clinical, academic, and research opportunities would challenge me and prepare me to be a successful athletic trainer.  I was also excited to work with such a renowned faculty and staff and to spend two years in the beautiful city of Chapel Hill.”

Camille King-“ I chose to come to UNC-Chapel Hill for the state-of-the-art facilities, staff, and clinical opportunities. I feel there is no place better to shape me into the Athletic Trainer I aspire to be. Living in the beautiful city of Chapel Hill is definitely an added bonus.”

Kaylyn Norville– “I chose UNC because of the learning opportunities working with and learning from amazing clinicians, scholars and researchers in the fields of Athletic Training and Exercise and Sport Science.”

Julian Pangilnan– “I chose to come to UNC for their extensive track record of developing skilled clinicians in the athletic training profession and for the supportive, family-like environment that was made apparent from the moment I first came to Chapel Hill for my visit. The opportunity to work with such an accomplished sports medicine team, while continuing my education at this prestigious university, made the decision to come to UNC an easy one.

Matt Pikowski– “I chose to come to UNC because of the incredible staff, fellow students, and learning opportunities associated with the athletic training program here. I also loved the beautiful campus and the area surrounding Chapel Hill. “

James Potter– “I chose UNC because I wanted to be challenged clinically, academically, and personally.  I wanted to get as far away from my comfort zone as possible, and I knew that UNC would provide me with more than enough opportunities to grow and improve in each of those areas.”

Marissa Sciabarra– “I came to UNC for the excellent educational and research opportunities. I was also excited to work with experienced clinical staff and other graduate students.”