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Applicants who are admitted to the Graduate Post-Professional Athletic Training Education Program are typically awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (TA) for both the first and second year. These awards include a stipend (stipends are currently $16,000.00 depending on duties), health insurance, liability insurance, and a waiver of some portion of both in-state and out-of-state tuition. For North Carolina residents, there is a 100% tuition remission. For out-of-state students tuition costs vary from year to year depending on the state of the economy and the budget. Funding for these teaching assistantships comes from a combination of sources including the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Campus Health Services, and The Department of Athletics.

Assistantship responsibilities include two components:

  • The teaching component involves teaching activity classes to undergraduates in Lifetime Fitness courses. All students matriculating at the University of North Carolina are required to complete one Lifetime Fitness course during their first year of study. This course combines instruction in, and practice of a sport or physical activity, that can be sustained in later life together with instruction in life-long health. Athletic training graduate students teach two sections of this course during the fall semester and one section during the spring semester during each of their two years.
  • The clinical component involves assigning the graduate student 1)team coverage responsibilities for two of the athletic teams on campus, and 2) working in one of the athletic training clinics and/or physical therapy clinic. Specific responsibilities are discussed in the Clinical Experience.