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Estimated Program Specific Costs 2024-2025


North Carolina Residents Out-of-State Residents
Tuition* $10,552 $28,844
Fees** $0 $0
Health Insurance*** $0 $0
Liability Insurance**** $0 $0


* Some portion of the tuition will be covered by a tuition remission ranging from 0-100% depending on the budget determined by the North Carolina State Legislature

** Graduate students do not have to pay student fees

***All students MUST have health insurance coverage. They may choose to be covered under their parents health insurance until age 26, or they can choose to be covered by GSHIP (Graduate Students Health Insurance Program) at $0 cost by actively waiving out of the UNC System Student Health Insurance Plan known as  “Student Blue” every semester to avoid paying a $1,311.50 charge

****Liability insurance covers only responsibilities directly related to University functions