Julia Ford
Hometown:  Spring Lake Heights, NJ
Undergraduate School:  Towson University
Sport Assignments:  Football and Fencing

Why I chose UNC:  I chose UNC to be challenged as a student, clinician, researcher and teacher. The outstanding faculty and staff provide for an incredible learning environment and place to become a better athletic trainer.

Thesis Title:  Functional Movement Assessment as a Predictor of Head Impact Biomechanics


Cally Mackrell
Hometown:  Ellicott City, MD
Undergraduate School:  Towson University
Sport Assignments:  Gymnastics and Sport Clubs

Why I Chose UNC:  I chose UNC to continue to grow as an athletic trainer while working with some of the best Sports Medicine staff and learning from the incredible faculty. The research and teaching opportunities combined with the people here made this program the perfect fit for me.

Thesis Title:  Somatosensory Function in Individuals With and Without a History of Concussion


Kevin Biese
Hometown:  Kaukauna, WI
Undergraduate school:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sport Assignments:  Baseball and Wrestling

Why I chose UNC:  Dr. David Bell, who was one of my professors at UW-Madison, graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and he had nothing but high praise for UNC-Chapel Hill. When I explored UNC’s Athletic Training Graduate Program online, I was impressed by the clinical and research experiences the program offered. During my interview I was even more impressed by how kind and sincere the faculty and staff was, which made me even more excited when I had the opportunity to attend UNC.

Thesis Title:  The Effect of a Dual-Task Paradigm on Jump-Landing Performance


Jacob Mir
Hometown:  Fabius, NY
Undergraduate School:  Ithaca College
Sport Assignments:  Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Lacrosse

Why I Chose UNC:  I chose the post-professional athletic training program at UNC because it allows an optimal transition from my undergraduate to professional career. This program affords me the opportunity to advance my knowledge as a clinician, student, and researcher, which will ultimately allow me to provide the best care possible for my patients.

Thesis Title:  Resting posture and subacromial space in collegiate volleyball players


Julie Harriss
Hometown:  Concord, NC
Undergraduate School:  Appalachian State University
Sport Assignments:  Field Hockey and Women’s Rowing

Why I Chose UNC:  To receive a well-rounded educational and clinical experience

Thesis Title:  Detecting Movement Errors in Chronic Ankle Instability Patients: Comparing Fusionetics to the LESS


Rebecca Dubas
Hometown:  Mechanicsburg, PA
Undergraduate School:  West Chester University
Sport Assignments:  Women’s Lacrosee and Women’s and Men’s Swimming and Diving

Why I chose UNC:  I chose UNC because I want to become the most competent and versatile clinician possible. Choosing UNC I am able to work with, and be taught by, the best in the athletic training field. Not only has UNC afforded me the opportunity to grow as a clinician, but also as a student, researcher and teacher.

Thesis Title:  Comparison of concussion screening measures across simulated game fatigue levels


Taylor Saimeri
Hometown:  West Springfield, MA
Undergraduate School:  Springfield College
Sport Assignments:  Men’s and Women’s Cross Country & Track and Field

Why I choose UNC:  In order to become the well-rounded Certified Athletic Trainer I wish to be I knew this program was the fit. It allows me to grow not only as a clinician but as a researcher and an educator. This will allow me to choose the next step in my path with surety when I graduate from the program, and to decide in which capacity I will further the profession.

Thesis Title:  Intrinsic and Extrinsic Risk Factors for Stress Fracture among Collegiate Cross Country Runners


Christian Hunt
Hometown:  Orem, Utah
Undergraduate:  Brigham Young University
Sport Assignments:  Men’s Soccer, Men’s Tennis

Why I chose UNC:  Because I like the approach taken here. It is not enough to improve skills and gain experience as a clinician- at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, I have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and experience in the academic, research, clinical, and instructional aspects of Sports Medicine, helping me to be a better Athletic Trainer. Besides, the Staff and Faculty are AWESOME!

Thesis Title:  The association between quadriceps strength and tibiofemoral cartilage proteoglycan density at six months following anterior cruciate ligament surgery


Aliza Kamman Nedimyer
Hometown:  Lincoln, Vermont
Undergraduate School:  Ithaca College
Sport Assignments:  Women’s Soccer, Softball

Why I Chose UNC:  UNC provided the perfect opportunity to gain further education while working as an Athletic Trainer at the Division I level. The strong research program here and the dedication of the faculty and staff provide a great atmosphere for both growing as a professional and as a person.

Thesis Title:   The foot core musculature and exercise related leg pain in runners