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The Sport Administration curriculum is highly structured, with all students completing the following courses in sequence:

First Year – Fall

EXSS 740 – Administration of Sport 

Policies and problems of organization and administration of athletic programs and colleges.  Discuss current issues and events in college athletics.

EXSS 748 – Legal Issues in Collegiate Sport 

Provides an introduction to the United States legal system, legal principles, and legal issues related to intercollegiate athletics.  Topics of discussion include Title IX, drug testing, and coaching contracts.

EXSS 746 – Economic and Financial Management of Sport 

Study of administrative structures, including the differences in NCAA Divisions,  and financial concerns of collegiate athletic departments. An intensive study of NCAA regulations is also included.

EXSS 744 – Collegiate Sport Marketing 

This course is designed to develop a thorough understanding of sport marketing principles and their application to collegiate athletics.  Learn about multi-media partners and see how marketing affects other areas of an athletic department.


First Year – Spring

EXSS 700 – Applied Statistics and Research Methods in Exercise and Sport Science 

Critical to planning and completing a successful master’s thesis, this class teaches selected research techniques and designs as well as applied statistical analysis.

EXSS 705 – Applied Statistics and Research Methods Laboratory  

Problem-solving and practical experience in planning, conducting, and reporting of research.  Also, applied statistical analysis and interpretation of data from the field of Sport Administration.  Designed to give students a solid foundation on which to begin a thesis.

EXSS 747 – Facility and Event Management

This course is designed to develop practical competencies necessary for effectively managing college?sport facilities and events. Basic concepts pertaining to stadium and/or arena functional areas and production of college?sport events at college?sport facilities are covered.

EXSS 749 – NCAA Governance and Compliance 

In depth analysis of the NCAA governance structure, role of intercollegiate athletics conferences, and institutional autonomy in governance.  Significant emphasis on the Div 1 Compliance Manual.


Second Year – Fall and Spring

EXSS 993 – Master’s Thesis  Faculty-supervised research project of a topic related to college sport.

EXSS 750 and 751 – Sport Administration Second Year Seminar

Internship in the UNC athletic department