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  1. To integrate EIM-OC with UNC-Campus Health:
    1. Incorporate physical activity as a vital sign
    2. Facilitate referrals to the appropriate EIM-OC resource
  2. To expand the EIM-OC team
    1. EXSS undergraduate and graduate students capable of taking referral from campus health
    2. EIM-focused practicum opportunities for EXSS undergraduate and graduate students
  3. To expand EIM-OC opportunities
    1. Consolidate physical activity resources across and around campus
    2. Collaborate with health and well-being opportunities across campus

I’m a Student: How do I get involved?

  1. Visit the UNC Campus Health Center
  2. Receive a referral and set up your initial consultation with one of the Exercise Consultants
  3. Build a plan that works for you with a variety of options to fit your needs

I’d like to assist EIM-OC: How do I get involved?

  1. That’s awesome!
  2. Please contact the EIM-OC team listen on the Meet the Team tab