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Determining several aspects of cardiovascular and metabolic function is a priority of the lab.  The APL houses three metabolic units (Parvomedics TrueOne 2400) that are used for cardiorespiratory fitness measurements, resting metabolic rate, and fuel utilization.  There are multiple treadmills and cycle ergometers, including wingate technology.

Using indirect calorimetry, resting metabolic rate is measured with a hood (Parvomedics TrueOne 2400) or in a portable method (Fitmate Pro, Cosmed). Fuel utilization (RER) is also measured using the hood method.




Traditional measures of cardiorespiratory fitness are frequently assessed in the APL, using indirect calorimetry, using treadmill or cycle ergometry. Simultaneous monitoring of EKG can also be done.



Blood flow measurements as an indirect method of nitric oxide and oxygenation are measured with ultrasound (nexGen Logiq-e, GE).