Transfer Students

Transfer students that have been admitted to the University are eligible to apply for admittance to the AT program. Courses (credits) are transferable however, students will be required to take the human anatomy course (EXSS 175) from UNC-Chapel Hill as well as the core Athletic Training Classes (EXSS 265, 366-369). Students must also complete the 50 hours of observation in the Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine Center (i.e., hours obtained from another institution are not transferable).

1.  What if I transfer in as a sophomore?

> You may take the prerequisite classes and do the observation hours in that first semester you are on campus and apply to the program that October.  If you are admitted, it is done contingent upon you completing the prerequisite courses and the observation hours.

2. What if I transfer in as a junior?

> Junior transfers are treated the same as a sophomore student.  You must apply to the program through the same process.  You must also commit to staying an extra year to finish the program.  To stay this extra time you will have to appeal to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean of advising to be granted to 9th and 10th semesters.  This appeal process is completed in your 8th semester at the university.

3.  What if I am transferring from an accredited athletic training program?

> You must meet the following conditions:


A.  You must have applied and been admitted to that program.

B.  You must have completed the prerequisite coursework (Equivalent to EXSS 288 and EXSS 175) with a grad of at least B.

C. You can only transfer in the equivalent to EXSS 265 as per review  of the course and competencies taught in that course by the program director and instructor of EXSS 265.

D. You must have one clinical rotation completed with a satisfactory rating.


If these requirements are met, you will be admitted to the UNC Athletic Training Program on a provisional basis for the first semester.  You will begin by registering in the fall for EXSS 366 and 393.  At the mid semester of these classes your performance will be evaluated and must be satisfactory to be formally admitted to the program.  If these requirements are not met you will not be permitted to continue in the Athletic Training Program.

Student Athletes

Student athletes are eligible to apply for admittance into the Undergraduate Athletic Training Program, however, it will not be possible to complete the program requirements without full cooperation from the athlete’s coaching staff. No exceptions will be made to the course sequencing if admitted to the program, nor will exceptions be made for meeting the required 1000 clinical hours within the minimum of five semesters. Clinical hours during the athlete’s in-season may be deferred to a later semester. During the athlete’s off-season he/she will not be permitted to participate in his/her respective sport if it conflicts with the clinical site assigned.