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At the Motion Science Institute, we are dedicated to teaching the next generation of educators and researchers, through a variety of classroom and experiential learning.  As active participants in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, and the Human Movement Science Curriculum, our students, ranging from undergraduates to doctoral scholars, are the next generation of researchers and educators.  We maintain an environment of high-level of academic quality and achievement and strive to be the role model for our peers in providing the best educational experiences.  We foster a collaborative environment with other research teams, to expand the breadth of exposures we can provide to our students. Previous collaborative and experiential learning projects have worked with the Biomedical Engineering Department, the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory, collaborations with UNC physicians, and commercial medical equipment companies.

Undergraduate students are crucial to the research process and get hand on opportunities to become involved in research.  Our undergraduates have opportunities to ear course credit or volunteer for experiential learning.

Master’s students, doctoral student, and post doctoral scholars participate in ongoing research projects as well as begin to develop their own research agenda.  They have opportunities to learn a variety of techniques including motion capture, gait analysis, ultrasound imaging, strength testing, and processing techniques.