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Explore, Educate, and Engage

The MOTION Mission: Explore cutting-edge research to minimize musculoskeletal injury and disability; educate the next generation of scientists and clinicians; and engage with the public to translate innovative approaches that improve quality of life.


The MOTION Vision: Our vision is that the MOTION Science Institute will decrease the burden of musculoskeletal injury and promote movement without pain or disability.

The faculty, staff and students of MOTION Science Institute are dedicated to the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions which negatively impact quality of life in millions of individuals in the United States. Currently, musculoskeletal injuries and conditions are among the leading causes of disability in our society and the MOTION Science Institute seeks to mitigate the burden of disability by:

  • Exploring impactful research that translates results from innovative laboratory studies into real world solutions to clinical problems
  • Educating the next generation of scientists and clinicians committed to lessening disability caused by musculoskeletal injuries and conditions
  • Engaging with the community in order to help patients, clinicians and other stakeholders understand and manage the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions in their daily life.


MOTION Science Institute Fun Facts!

Exploring: In the past 5 years, core faculty from the MOTION Science Institute have been award 7 competitive federal research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense to support the MOTION Science Institute’s mission.

Education: Currently, more than 20 undergraduate, 12 masters, and 12 doctoral- level students are working on research projects in the MOTION Science Institute.

Engagement: MOTION Science Institute plans multiple activities each year to discuss findings from research and listen to people in our community.