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Graduate students are expected to devote full-time attention to their academic studies and practical assignments. Outside employment is only advised during summer sessions. Graduate assistantship stipends are normally available, offering valuable experience in health education, sport skill teaching, laboratory and research techniques, as well as wellness programming.

  • The TA positions typically include a waiver of in-state and/or out-of-state tuition, health insurance, and a stipend. Stipend amounts may vary year to year depending upon the economic status of the State of North Carolina. Currently, the stipend is approximately $11,400.00.
  • Exercise Physiology graduate students are typically awarded teaching assistantships during both their first and second years via the Lifetime Fitness program and specialty sport courses offered to UNC undergraduates, under the direction of Mrs. Becca Battaglini. You can call her at (919)962-0233 or email her at
  • Graduate students’ athletic abilities and health fitness knowledge are matched to the courses offered for optimal teaching experiences.
  • A few TA positions are available with Carolina Fitness Please contact the Director, Ms. Lauren Mangili for more information at or call (919) 962-7348.
  • Part-time research assistantship opportunities occasionally arise as well. Funding varies from project to project. These offer excellent research opportunities (both paid and unpaid) for students and allow them to participate in the creation and presentation of scientific abstracts at regional and national conferences prior to graduation. Faculty will announce these positions as they become available at UNC and other nearby research institutions such as Duke University.