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March 28, 2012

CSRA on BBC World Service – 3/28/2012

January 12, 2012

Kevin Guskiewicz Featured on

See video:  “Game Changer:  Kevin Guskiewicz, Impact Investigator


November 23, 2011

Kevin Guskiewicz Featured in USA Today for Concussion Research

USA Today


May 31, 2011

CSRA’s Concussion Research Featured On The Discovery Channel


NFL Turns to UNC – Grants Will Fund Research

News & Observer

January 5, 2011


Concussion Standard for Helmets is a Focus at an N.F.L. Summit

The New York Times

December 9, 2010


Safer Football, Taught From Inside the Helmet

The New York Times

November 6, 2010


Game Changers

Bostonian Magazine

November 9, 2010


Releasing Disputed Data Puts Heat on N.F.L.

The New York Times

July 24, 2010

Annals of Medicine: “Offensive Play” featured article by Malcom Gladwell

New Yorker Magazine

October 19, 2009


 Force of hit isn’t Big Impact

 News & Observer

December 8, 2007


 The Woes of the Pros

 US News and World Report

June 25, 2007


 Study of Concussions’ Effects Grows

 News & Observer

July 22, 2007


 Concussions Force Hard Look Inward Around NFL

 USA Today

June 19, 2007


 NFL Study Links Concussions, Depression

 USA Today

June 1, 2007


 Concussions Tied to Depression in Ex-N.F.L. Players

 The New York Times

May 31, 2007


 An Answer to Help Clear His Fog

 The New York Times

May 31, 2007


 Scorecard: One Big Headache

 Sports Illustrated

February 6, 2007


 Head Trauma Studied in Suicide

 Raleigh News & Observer

January 28, 2007


 Expert Ties Ex-Player’s Suicide to Brain Damage From Football

 The New York Times

January 18, 2007


 Life After Football: No Game, Still Pain

 The Seattle Times

December 17, 2006


 Doctor Yes

 ESPN The Magazine

November 6, 2006


 Concussion No. 4 Takes Morgan Out: Head Injuries Raise Susceptibility Questions

 The Charlotte Observer

September 12, 2006


 Doctors Say Football Left Victor Washington ‘Totally Disabled’ Two Decades Later

 The Washington Post

December 3, 2005


 Bad News for Players Hit in the Head Too Often

 The New York Times

October 18, 2005


 Eye off the Ball: Can Football’s Ancillary Antics Possibly Out-Insult the Game itself?

 Scientific American

March 28, 2005


 Players Bulking Up is Risky Business

 Baltimore Sun

February 4, 2005


 Effects of Blows to Brain Linger a Lifetime

 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

January 9, 2005


 Lights Out: Can Contact Sports Lower Your Intelligence?

 Discover Magazine

December 2004


 Teams Now Realizing That So-Called ‘Dinger’ is a Life-or-Death Matter

 Minneapolis Star Tribune

November, 26 2004


 Study: Concussions serious, from mild to severe

 USA Today

June 16, 2004


 Life After Sports – Caution: Danger Ahead

 Orlando Sentinel

February 22, 2004


 Not Much Headway: Doctors Voice Concerns on Continuing Dangers of Concussions in NFL

 Boston Globe

December 26, 2003


 Carson Hurting But He Tries to Move On

 Boston Globe

December 26, 2003


 What Football Tells Us About Everyday Fitness

 Los Angeles Times

June 3, 2003


 Researchers Link Repeat Concussions, Clinical Depression

 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

May 6, 2003


 More Concussions Show Increased Risk

 USA Today

May 6, 2003


 Concussions Increase Players’ Depression Risk

 Indianapolis Star

May 2, 2003


 Big Men of the NFL Pay for Their Play Later in Life

 Philadelphia Inquirer

January 27, 2003


 Fears for the Fuller Figure

 British Observer

January 26, 2003


 Athletes May be Bruising Their Futures

 Raleigh News & Observer

November 25, 2002


 Living Large Causes Sizable Health Risks

 Orlando Sentinel

November 4, 2002


 A Heavy Burden: Way of Life Leads to Early Death for Many NFL Linemen

 Denver Post

October 20, 2002


 Perils of Football Follow Some into Retirement

 New York Times

September 26, 2002


 Divided Brain Trust: In Discussion of Concussions’ Repercussions,

 Much Falls Under Dispute

 Austin American-Statesmen

July 19, 2002


 Study Says 61% in NFL Suffer at Least 1 Concussion

 USA Today

May 17, 2001


Media Appearances

“Hard Hits Concussion” series features UNC’s Center for the Study of Retired Athletes and Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related TBI Research Center for concussion research across the lifespan.

CNN American Morning; November 22, 2010


UNC’s Center for the Study of Retired Athletes and Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related TBI Research Center was featured as part of a two-part series on safety in football.

NBC 17 – Raleigh, NC; November 9 and 11, 2010


Feature story on the increased concerns over concussion in youth football and the trickledown effect from changes occurring in the NFL.

National Public Radio; September 22, 2010


Concussions Give the NFL a Major Headache. 

National Public Radio; November 3, 2007


Feature story on the link between clinical depression and recurrent concussion in retired NFL players. 

ESPN’s Outside the Lines; January 18, 2007


Story regarding the effects of injuries sustained during playing years later in life on retired NFL players

ABC Good Morning America; January 21, 2006


Feature story regarding the effects of concussion in NFL players

HBO Sports – Inside the NFL; December 10, 2003


Never Ending Injuries: Football Pain Doesn’t End When the Game Does

ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings; October 5, 2002