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Dr. Anthony Hackney an exercise physiologist in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at UNC-CH has been named a recipient of the University of Santiago (Chile) Medal of Distinction. Dr. Hackney is receiving this award for his work in Chile as well as throughout Latin America due to his research work and public advocacy concerning the health benefits associated with leading a physically active lifestyle. Dr. Hackney’s research work has focused on how physical activity brings about positive changes in aspects of the endocrine system as associated with stress and disease. Dr. Hackney is also being awarded an honorary professorship of medical sciences in the faculty of medicine at the university. The Medal of Distinction is the highest honor awarded by the University of Santiago which is ranked as a top 10 university in Latin America. In addition, to Dr. Hackney, the other recipient named to receive this award this year is Michelle Bachelet a physician and the former first woman President of Chile, who currently is a United Nations envoy and ambassador for women’s  issues. Hackney is the first UNC-CH faculty member to receive these distinctions from the University of Santiago.  At UNC-CH Dr. Hackney also holds faculty appointments in the Gilling School of Global Public Health (Nutrition) and in the School of Medicine (Allied Health Sciences).

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