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Dr. Mac, although retired continues to work on the Hispanic Community Health Study of Adults and Children, the Comparative Obesity Prevention and Treatment Trial in Children, and The Parents and
Children Obesity Treatment projects.  He is working on two new projects.  One project is with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) developing a table of energy expenditures for various activities for children.  The table will provide clinicians and researchers with a standardized coding scheme and their respective metabolic equivalent (MET) intensity levels.  Such a document exists for adults, but due to growth issues this type of document has not been attempted in children.  A second project is with the National Center for Research Resources of the NIH and the Centers for Clinical and Translation Science to develop a common approach to reporting exercise data in children.  Such an approach would benefit the medical
community by allowing centers to compare their exercise testing results and allowing for centers to share information on children with rare diseases.  This approach would benefit researchers by allowing for compilation of data to provide larger population for study.

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