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Program Services


Initial Screening and History Intake

  • Identification of potential needs
  • Intake forms to streamline visits
  • Collect relevant medical records/imaging


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Images taken of the brain


Internal Medicine Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Internist
  • Comprehensive medical evaluation including blood work
  • Recommendations for medication management and future health needs
  • Evaluation of lifestyle habits


Musculoskeletal/Rehabilitation Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Sports Medicine Psychiatrist
  • Discuss injury history and current functional status
  • Musculoskeletal recommendations based on individual needs (e.g., physical therapy, stretching, etc…).


Neuropsychological Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Neuropsychologist
  • Clinical interview to identify needs
  • Battery of cognitive assessments to assess memory, concentration, processing speed, language, reasoning, visuospatial abilities, and mood/emotional well-being.


Cognitive Neurological Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Neurologist
  • Neurological evaluation to assess needs (e.g., sleep, headaches, etc…)
  • Review of MRI
  • Recommendations made based on diagnosis/treatment as well as lifestyle management.


Nutrition/Body Composition Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Nutritionist/Body Composition Specialist
  • Body scans to evaluate body fat and lean body mass
  • Recommendations for nutrition/diet, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle changes.


Life Skills/Transition Counseling

  • Evaluation with Life Skills Coach/Transition Counselor
  • Discussion and setting of post-NFL life goals and aspirations
  • Focusing on positive transition post-retirement


Post Follow-up

  • Care coordination meeting held to summarize results of all assessments.
  • Continued follow-up via phone or email to aid in continuum of care (e.g., referrals to local physicians/ mental health professionals and resources).
  • Follow-up (at minimum) conducted post-visit at 2 weeks, 1 month, and 6 months via phone or email.
  • Satisfaction survey post-visit to provide feedback, which is integral to improving the Brain and Body Health Program/The Trust.